Well, I’m not Jean Valjean.

In fact, I’m actually an amalgamation of suave super-spy, media magnate, insane genius, and all round delusional nice guy. Not wishing to be restricted by the boundaries of reality, I drift into the world of literature with astonishing ease and am often found enjoying the fantasy life in my head rather than the mundane normality of everyday life.

For past five years I have been a member of the Management Committee of the Aurealis Awards, Australia’s premier speculative fiction literary awards, and have just finished a three year term as the President of Fantastic Queensland, an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for Australian spec-fic writers.

My fiction work has been mainly confined to acquittal reports and business documents but I have had a number of Doctor Who short stories published in various charity anthologies including Perfect Timing (Birth-Pains), Perfect Timing 2 (Painting History), Missing Pieces (Fiction Paradox) and Shelf Life (Tears in Time). My  non-Doctor Who short story, the Tenth Life of Sargeant Tom, was included in the 2006 anthology, Journeys of the Mind – an Anthology of Speculative Fiction. I have also written and directed plays for local theatre and am currently seeking a home for an original novel.

For the next three months (to support my family), I will be working as a Senior Issues and Media Adviser with the Queensland Department of Main Roads and Transport.