Hi there,

I’ve been fairly quiet as the annus horribilis of 2010 ground to an end.

But that will change in 2011. I think. Maybe.

The new year is starting brightly – I have a short story in an anthology coming out in April, I’m looking for new employment and I will finish the three novels living on my hard-drive.

This year I will write a mix of short stories and novels and get my head back into writing space.

And I plan to update the blog a bit more (at least monthly or when things perk up).

One of the key decisions I’ve made is that i have to stop think about writing as a hobby. Yes, I will be working full-time to support my family (which most writers have to do – especially when they are starting up) and yes this will mean some late nights and a dedication I haven’t shown so far.

As a hobby, writing was something I did when I wanted – not when I needed to. It was too easy to put it aside as the tumult of 2010 swamped everything.

2011 will be a year of new beginnings.

Good luck and enjoy the ride.