Hi there,

Ask any writer, a writer’s life is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent working out how to deal with the waiting. It is unlike any other profession I know. You can submit multiple stories in many different forms to many different markets and then you wait. Hear the clicking of my fingers.

I currently have three out there and am prepping a fourth for submission.

Out of these, one has been provisionally accepted (so I can’t talk much about it  – in fact I don’t intend to talk much about where I’ve submitted unless the story is accepted and only then with the publisher’s permission) and is with readers and editors at the moment.

Two more are short stories which are under consideration. The problem is that I have no idea when I’ll hear back. The one of the anthologies is due in November and the other early 2011 so it could be a long time before I hear anything. Unless there are rewrites required (which are less likely in a short story than a novel).

The last project which is almost ready to go out is an original novel. At this stage it will have to go the via slush pile as I don’t have an agent yet (hopefully once a novel gets picked up it will open some doors at a literary agent for me. Thus when I send it off, it could snooze in the slush for many months. Meanwhile I will move on to writing the second book in the series (and possibly the third) – not knowing if the series is even a goer.

Which is how a writer deals with the waiting; they fill it up with more projects. Apart from the projects I’ve mentioned, I’ve got an idea for another short story (and a possible market) and three new novel series. Two of which have a plot breakdown and one which has about 10,000 words written.

Unlike a normal job, the uncertainty means that planning goes out of the window. Any (or all) one of the above projects could come back and mess up my carefully planned schedule writing work.

Or an entirely new opportunity may leap out from where it was lurking behind the wall waiting to bop me on the head.  As a hopeful writer waiting to break into the business, you have to be able to roll with whatever life throws at you.

Or you write blog posts. In fact, you just keep writing.