I’m sure every writer has experienced this – where is the true beginning of a story?

I’ve just started on book two of a planned trilogy and am starting to wonder if it should be book one instead. The characters are all established, the relationships built, the villain introduced and the world crafted. Book two would be perfect joining point.

Like jumping half-way into a play or hearing the second movement of a symphony, this is where the set up starts to kick in. Not that the set-up is bad. Book one tells a distinct story, it bring my cast together and has some scenes that I really like. But now that I’m onto book two, it feels like the past.

The problem is that I will probably feel exactly the same way when I start book three. Every time I start a new story, it feels like the proper beginning.

I’m trusting the feedback from other people who like book one and who think it is story that deserves to be told (and not be relegated to background notes for other books in the series).

And, of course, if a publisher picks it up. For the moment there is no book one, book two dilemma except in my head.